District Background
Geographical area of the District is 10,821.12 Sq. km. There are 5 Revenue Divisions, 59 Mandals and 1409 villages in the District. Out of the 5 Revenue Divisions, the Rampachodavaram Revenue Division consisting of 7 agency Mandals exclusively covers the predominantly forested agency track. Out of 59 Mandals, the forests are spread over in 22 Mandals only. The extent of forests in the district 3336 Sq. km.(31%).

Administration of Kakinada Division
There are (3) Sub Divisions and (7) Ranges in Kakinada Division. Sub Divisions are Kakinada, Yeleswaram and Rampachodavaram. Seven ranges are Kakinada, Yeleswaram, Addathigala, Rajavommangi, Rampachodavaram, Sudikonda & Gokavaram. There are 36 Sections and 95 Beats.

Forest types in the District
  • Semi ever green forests
  • Dry mixed deciduous forests
  • Thorny scrub forests
  • Bamboo forests
  • Mangrove forests.
According to the classified vegetation data pertains to the year 2006

Forest Category Land (In Hectors)
Very Dense Forests 158837.70 ha.
Open Forests 100807.32 ha.
Scrub Forests 41347.00 ha.