Vana Vihari, Maredumilli

Maredumilli  is home to semi evergreen trees. With canopies of semi evergreen trees that drape the path everywhere one walk and with undulating terrain, which forms part of the Eastern Ghats, it sure makes ones heart flutter with joy and brings a smile on ones face when the sun plays peek-a-boo non-stop all through the day and sprinkles its incredible crepuscular rays (God’s rays) on you and giving out an impression of a panorama painted by God. The landscape is so breathtakingly beautiful that it chokes you up with emotion and that you’d wish you could etch it in your heart forever.

This area has many waterfalls and bubbling streams gushing out and flowing over the undulating rocks in the deep woods and a visitor’s heart will bubble with joy and feel thrilled to see the nature’s gift. Jalatarangini Waterfalls,Swarnadhara waterfalls are fine examples.

Jungle Star Nature Camp Site

Jungle Star camping site provides an unique opportunity to stay overnight in the deep woods of the unexplored eastern ghats. Jungle star eco camp is superbly located like an island surrounded by water. It is surrounded by River Pamuleru on its three sides. Occasionally the campers can  catch a glimpse of  fresh water crocodiles when they are sun basking on the little rock beds from the sit out of the cottages.


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Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary & Hope island

Known as the second largest mangrove forest in east coast of India after Sundarbans in West Bengal, the Coringa Mangrove Forest is famous for its flora and fauna. The Coringa Wild Life Sanctuary, named after a tiny village called Coringa in the state of Andhra Pradesh, covers an area of 235 square kilometers.

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Bhupathipalem Reservoir Boating Point Product & Vanya Vihari Cottages

The Bhupathipalem Reservoir Project is a medium irrigation project near Rampa Chodavaram village,East Godavari District.

The reservoir is surrounded by lush pine and coniferous trees. The reservoir has a tiny island and submerged trees with tall hillocks as the back ground.

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